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How to Embrace Artificial Intelligence in Your Office

Created 30th May 2018 by Ibell

With robots making unstoppable inroads into every facet of our personal and business lives, and with us having already discussed...read more

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting Practice

Created 17th Apr 2018 by Ibell

Google estimate human-level AI will be reached by 2029, with 16% of employment positions in the US estimated to be lost to...read more

AI in Sales - the What, How and When - and is your Job Safe?

Created 20th Mar 2018 by Ibell

You may not be aware, but chances are you have already interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) during the early stages...read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: who will rule the world?

Created 6th Feb 2018 by Ibell

In case you haven’t noticed, and certainly of late you could be forgiven for doing just that,...read more

Why The Christmas Holiday is a Good Time to Hire

Created 27th Dec 2017 by Ibell

Did you know that Christmas is a fantastic time of year for job hunting and hiring? While the world goes...read more

The World’s Weirdest Interviews

Created 16th Nov 2017 by Ibell

There are few people who can say they look forward to attending a job interview. For most of us it...read more

Perfecting the Recruitment Process

Created 28th Sep 2017 by Ibell

Fresh talent is vital for the life of any business; delivering skills, new ideas, injecting specialism and personality into complex...read more

Ten Jobs You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Created 25th Aug 2017 by Ibell

We all have days when we dream we’d chosen a different career path, but perhaps you wish you...read more

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