10 Great Questions to Ask When Next Interviewing a Finance Manager

Posted 25th Mar 2021

1. Can you give me an example where you have improved the quality and timeliness of the financial information you provide?

2. Can you recall a time you had to prepare a financial report with a very tight deadline? How did you manage?

3. Describe a tough financial analysis problem you have recently been faced with?

4. Could you tell me about an instance when a financial model or presentation said one thing, but your gut told you to dig deeper?

5. In your opinion, can a cash flow statement tell how well a company is doing?

6. Tell me about a time when your knowledge of financial regulations benefited your employer?

7. Tell me about a time your advice to senior management resulted in higher profits and / or revenues?

8. How many performance evaluations have you conducted in the last 12 months?... How did your reports fare and what was your contribution to the team performance?... What could you have done better?... Did you expand the team?

9. Summarise your experience to date in a team leadership role?... How would you describe your leadership style and how has it contributed to the success of the projects or departments you have worked within...Talk through how you impacted the careers of the staff you mentored?

10. What do you feel are the biggest challenges and opportunities that the finance professional faces today?

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