Different Flavours

Posted 25th Sep 2014

As experienced recruiters, over the years we have encountered many ‘flavours’ of job hunter. There are those that like to dip their toe into the job market, those who vigorously pursue opportunities, and those who seem to vanish before the final hurdle. At Ibell Recruitment & Staffing we love every ‘flavour’ of job seeker! Which one are you?


Active job seekers are a recruitment consultant’s favourite, a recruiter’s utopia! They’re on the market and want to find a new job. They post their CV on job boards, follow-up their applications, respond quickly when recruiters make contact and attend interviews. We place them in the jobs they really want and they help us to fulfill our destiny as recruitment consultants. Just how we like it!


Passive job seekers are the ones we recruiters hunt for. The “happy where they are, but could be interested in new opportunities” candidates. Their CVs aren’t on job boards, often coming to us via recommendations from other job seekers or successfully placed candidates. Passive job seekers may take a little persuading, but they are often our greatest surprise and the happiest of all when they land a job they didn’t even realise they wanted in the first place.


An active/passive job seeker is on the market…maybe. They are actively job-hunting, but often remain passively interested. They say all the things a recruiter wants to hear; they are motivated to leave, they do want a pay increase, a more challenging post, a better work/life balance etc…but when the recruiter succeeds in securing that all important first interview…sometimes all the recruiter gets in return… is tumbleweed.


A toe-dipping job seeker will test the water of a buoyant job market to see what’s out there, but a toe-dippers intention is often not really to move. It is a good exercise in massaging one’s ego though or even killing a little time. Toe-dippers say the right things, but often just want to know that they are bench-marked properly in their current role.

So, which job hunter are you? One of the above? Have you been all of the above?

As recruitment consultants we love finding jobs for people, whatever ‘flavour’ we encounter. Active, passive, active/passive, or toe-dipper, Ibell Recruitment & Staffing can advise you on your current situation, guide you through a busy market, benchmark you in your current position if needed and of course place you in your ideal role. We are recruitment experts and we’re here to help.

Photography courtesy and copyright of Micky Zlimen

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