Marketing Considerations in 2021

Posted 31st Mar 2021

It’s been a long year already and yet 2021 is just about starting for most of us, how so...well as the UK’s vaccine deployment gains more pace and lockdown restriction start to ease, we can just about glimpse a return to something approaching normal day to day life, though it’s a way away yet. In business and, for the purposes of this short blog, marketing though, I suspect it’s been a challenging three months of hard work. 

Marketeers I guess have had to deal with and will continue to deal with the legacy of Covid 19, quickly changing behaviour within their respective marketplace (and there will no doubt be exceptions) and a marketplace more digital than ever before.

Engagement and retention via social media...

I’m certainly conducting more social media activity than ever before and research indicates that on the whole companies and organisations should plan, prepare, and implement significantly more activity in this domain as we move further into 2021, indeed if they are not already. It’s not as if we didn’t do plenty of it pre-pandemic, but now we all spend even more of our time online researching, reviewing, and buying. For those still to embrace it, now is the time to add social media marketing and it can be done in a relatively cost-effective manner, with some would argue limitless possibilities in terms of reach.  

Video marketing…

There has, predictably, been an immense rise in the use of this since the beginning of 2020, with numerous easy to use platforms available even before Covid struck. That said, many of us (myself included) are still somewhat resistant to getting in front of the camera to engage with our audience, but the fact is we must overcome this and join the party. Video marketing, messaging and engagement for business is here to stay.

Voice based searching…

Not something I’ve personally done yet, but research is again showing that more and more consumers are searching for products or services via voice-activated search tools, Alexa being one such tool for example. The fact is that more people than ever are stuck at home right now, verbal interaction is sometimes limited and the tech to enable this is ever more ubiquitous.


So just three things to think about there, depending on your sector, product, or service of course and if you haven’t already. Exciting times ahead.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

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