Recruitment Trends 2014

Posted 24th Jul 2014

At the start of 2014 there was a long list of what was going to shake the recruitment world. Now that we’re just over half way through the year what’s been having the biggest impact? We’ve complied our top three of the hottest trends that have survived 2014 and look set to be big!

Mobile Recruiting...

Let’s start with the big one. By the end of this year more people will access the internet from a mobile device than a desktop. By June of this year more job seekers sought and applied for vacancies on a mobile device than a desktop. We have reached the tipping point! Ibell Recruitment & Staffing is optimised for our mobile candidates and we are seeing the benefits of this growing trend in mobile applications already.

Video Interviewing...

It’s been around for a while, but as people become more mobile-video savvy and companies spring-up with the technology to make video interviewing painless, pre-screening candidates has becoming very popular with hiring companies. CVs are still the “foot in the door”, but many organisations want to see the personality match what the resume claims.

Recruitment Branding...

Recruiting is no longer just about being a “recruitment company”. With the evolution of social media, job seekers and hiring managers want a brand they can trust. Candidates and clients want to see positive activity wherever they hangout and know that you can deliver the goods in your market.

Predictions at the start of the year are always fun, but now summer is here the real trends have established themselves. Ibell Recruitment & Staffing has worked hard throughout 2014 to stay on top of the emerging recruitment trends and flex with the times. If you’re looking for recruiters with their finger on the pulse then you’ve come to the right place!

Photography courtesy and copyright of Greek Tweeters

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