10 Great Questions to Ask When Next Interviewing a Digital Marketing Executive

Posted 22nd Apr 2021

Even for seasoned interviewers it can, sometimes, be tricky to come up with the right questions (let alone answers) at the right time and, sometimes, just a reminder of good questions to pose can be helpful. I hope the latter proves to be the case here and if not, thank you for perusing all the same.

1. How would you describe digital marketing (what it is and why it’s important etc.) to someone completely new to it?

2. Describe a particular campaign that you worked on from beginning to end, what approaches you took, the specific challenges faced and how you made it a success?

3. Describe a similar campaign that didn’t quite go to plan, what went wrong and what you learnt?

4. Explain an effective sales funnel that you’ve developed and built?

5. What would you say are the limitations of online marketing?

6. Can you segment digital marketing for me?

7. Explain how you know that a digital marketing campaign has been unsuccessful?

8. How do you address negative digital feedback regarding your company (or client)?

9. How do you select effective digital marketing KPI’s and how do you go about tracking them?

10. What do you think is the biggest challenge in digital marketing right now and how are you addressing it?

Pixabay on Pexels.com

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