Candidates Matter

Posted 7th Jul 2014

Let’s get something straight from the outset (to the job seeker it’s not a pretty fact, but we won’t sugarcoat it), recruiters work for clients. It’s the hiring companies that pay the bills and that’s where a recruiter’s primary allegiance lies, however, without the talent-pool of experienced professionals looking for their next big career move, recruiters would very soon become redundant.

At Ibell Recruitment & Staffing we think that a recruiter’s focus is all-too-often concentrated on the client, not the job seeker, so we think it’s about time the focus shifted a little and it’s the importance of the candidate-consultant relationship that we want to celebrate in this blog.

Some recruitment consultants may forget this, but candidates oil the recruitment machine; job seekers are not commodities or cogs in the recruitment cycle, they are the essential element of the recruitment life cycle.

Job hunters place an immense amount of trust in a recruiter. Candidates receive calls from recruitment consultants who ask direct questions their friends might never; how much do you earn? What’s your living situation? Why do you want to leave your current job? Yes, the recruiter needs to establish how serious a candidate is about their job hunt, but candidates impart deeply personal information to a complete stranger almost immediately and many recruiters overlook the trust given to them. Unscrupulous and impersonal are not uncommon descriptions for some recruitment professionals - yet candidates remain happy to divulge intimate details of their lives, desires and goals.

So, candidates of the United Kingdom (and beyond) we applaud you for the trust you give recruiters, for your frankness and honesty to a stranger at the end of a phone. At Ibell Recruitment & Staffing we strive to honour the trust given to us by our candidates and we hope that the recruitment world lives up to the trust and expectations that you deserve.

Photography courtesy and copyright of rynermedia

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