The Top Five Apps for Accountants

Posted 10th Mar 2015

Apps have been changing our lives since the first one was launched in the Apple App Store in 2008 and the millions now available can do everything from killing time with a simple game, to complex Forex trading that process billions of pounds of transactions daily.

An Ofcom report in 2014 highlighted that almost 70% of UK adults have smartphones, each one stuffed with apps. Millions of people, with millions of phones, each with a host of apps. How does a busy accountant (feeling the pressure of the modern world) know what apps will make their professional lives a little easier? You don’t have to! The Ibell Recruitment & Staffing team has scoured apps stores for every platform and tested the best (and the worst); here’s our top five:

1. Evernote (organisation)

Your writer used to be a big fan of Post-It notes (and so did most of the Ibell Recruitment & Staffing office once), but Post-It notes take up space, get lost, and are far from the best way to organise your life. Thankfully there are many tools available to keep your life in check and reach levels of organisation you’ve only dreamed of, and there is no better app for calming your life than Evernote. Launched in 2008, Evernote’s use was quickly recognised and by the middle of 2014, they had over 100 million regular users.

The app allows people to make notes, take clippings of part or whole web pages, create lists, share with team members and have in-app conversations about notebooks, notes or any other data stored within Evernote. Versatile, easy to use and available on every platform, it is the perfect partner for organising an accountant’s life.

2. Dropbox (data storage)

Accessing documents, spreadsheets or any other files one might need at any time is simple with Dropbox. Acting as an online depository, Dropbox is one of the easiest and most popular cloud storage solutions, beautifully crafted into an app for your convenience.

Easy to share files in any format and with an excellent reputation for encryption and security, Dropbox has grown quickly in popularity and is now used by over 300 million people. It is the perfect accompaniment for accountants who need to travel with documents without ever needing to travel with documents!

3. Adobe Echosign (document management)

When Echosign launched it created a revolution in tracking and managing documents that required a form of verification (e.g. signing). Adobe quickly recognised the benefit of Echosign and snapped the company up. The Echosign app allows users to send, track and file documents electronically, allowing accountants to email important files that can be reviewed and signed from inside the app. It speeds up processes, electronically notes receipt of documents, and keeps track of business-critical data.

4. ACCA Insights (industry info)

The ACCA Insights app is the perfect partner for an accountant wanting to stay on top of the latest industry news and trends. News stories, industry updates, and a wealth of other information is curated and delivered directly to the app.

The app includes articles, graphics and videos from leading experts and thought leaders in the finance and accounting world. It helps the savvy accountant stay relevant and brimming with conversation starters!

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop (work anywhere)

The Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) app provides secure access to your most important data wherever you are in the world. By connecting to your Windows PC, MRD allows users to access their PC from any location, use software embedded on your PC, access data sorted on your hard drive and do everything you would if you had your work computer with you, but all via the convenience of a mobile app.

Photography courtesy and copyright of PhotoAtelier

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