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Marketing Considerations in 2021

Created 31st Mar 2021 by Ibell

It’s been a long year already and yet 2021 is just about starting for most of us, how so.....read more

5 Challenges Faced by HR Managers In 2021

Created 31st Mar 2021 by Ibell

Even as we now enter Q2, 2021 is in many ways just about getting started, what with the easing of lockdown...read more

10 Great Questions to Ask When Next Interviewing a Finance Manager

Created 25th Mar 2021 by Ibell

1. Can you give me an example where you have improved the quality and timeliness of the financial information you provide? 2....read more

5 Challenges Faced by Finance Managers In 2021

Created 19th Mar 2021 by Ibell

The coming, and hopefully now somewhat going, of Covid-19 around the globe and here in the UK has brought challenges...read more

2021 - A Year of Two Halves

Created 25th Feb 2021 by Ibell

Is it just me or has 2021 been a long year already? It's a rhetorical question of course as I...read more

A Look at The Labour Market

Created 29th Jan 2021 by Ibell

2020 was, needless to say really, a tough year in so many ways, health wise obviously, mental health wise, financially and...read more

Some positives from 2020…and many more to look forward to in 2021

Created 18th Dec 2020 by Ibell

The general feeling shared by the world’s population is that 2020 and been a stinker of a year, for...read more

There’s still room for ‘tradition’ in recruitment (even in Covid times)

Created 24th Nov 2020 by Ibell

In recent posts I've discussed the significant impact that robots and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) will have...read more

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