Interims Can Often Be Your Best Option

Posted 7th Oct 2014

Interim professionals and managers are the lynchpin of many organisations. They are often the experts parachuted in to either deliver or even rescue projects at their most critical phases. People regularly overlook the skills that Interims can bring to a company and so we thought it was about time these talented individuals were recognised for what they do. Interims can be invaluable, but why is this and why can an Interim team member often your best option?

To start with an Interim professional is generally comfortable in uncertain circumstances. When posted on assignment they usually know only the bones of what to expect, yet they arrive and are instantly at ease in their new surroundings. Without realising it they have been mentally ready for a new challenge and indeed can be so every six months (depending on assignments) if necessary.

Interims are typically excellent at interviews, they are well-prepared, well-presented and knowledgeable in their field. They quickly assess their new environment and can subsequently be ready to roll their sleeves up and hit the ground running from day one, unafraid of what to expect and demonstrating a high level of confidence.

Most importantly, Interims make pronounced contributions in new situations, and in most cases quickly. Their knowledge and skills are current, relevant to your project and as disposable as you need them to be. Could you ask for more?

Ibell Recruitment & Staffing have been recruiting and placing Interims across the UK for over a decade. If you’re looking for your next assignment or wish to hire an Interim professional to assist you, get in touch with us today. For an informal discussion about your next role or to have a chat with an Interim advocate about how one may assist your organisation, call Ibell Recruitment & Staffing now on 01908 929042.

Photography courtesy and copyright of Cydcor Offices

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